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Billie Davies at Art Klub


Art Klub
1941 Arts Street
New Orleans, LA


Fri, June 1, 2018
8:00 pm

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"All of my music is improvisational... a conversation between musicians and musical instruments. A joint emotional expression inspired by a certain common feeling, thought or perspective in an instinctual, unpredictable, freely expressed improvisation exploring authentic feelings and inspirations that is being communicated to an audience, a listener, a community." - Billie Davies

Following the improvisational exploration of “PERSPECTIVES I”, performed at the New Orleans Jazz Museum, Music At The Mint, on January 31 2018, the project finale, “PERSPECTIVES II”, continues an all spontaneous, instinctive, intuitive improvisation inspired by 7 perspectives, words and 7 chakra musical keys, expressed by a quartet of piano / keys, baritone sax / flute, bass and drums, vocals / spoken word by 2 female vocalists and 2 female dancers....

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Billie Davies uploaded this event on April 18, 2018